Good morning! Welcome to Step~in Lodge.
Today is Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dear employees and following guest(or Rey and Ray) thanks for an amazing stay, a lot of fun and thank you stand a freaky girl like me. I really enjoyed the time here and i will always remembered it. You had a solution for my internet problems, my key problem and you went out with us. I learn a lot and lot of impression who i’ll never forget!
~ Maike- Germany (05 Jan 2015)

Great !Step in Lodge was great . Ray was super helpful . would definitely here again. Thanks for everything!
~ Maddy (01 Jan 2015)

Thanks for everything, Ray and the Step in team had a great stay here, definitely my little home in KK. Looking forward to coming back, whenever that may be.
~ Lots love. Rana –Canada (23 Dec 2014)

We stayed in Step In 3 times during out time in Borneo. We didin’t have to consider changing guesthouse. Service is great, just ask Ray or anybody else the know how to make stuff happen. Highly recommended!
~ Ville & Anne-Fin (22 Dec 2014)

Had a really good stay at step in lodge before even arriving i emailed with ray, and he was very helpful which also was the case when we arrived. So many helpful and informative guides we really felt at home at this place. When we saw Borneo we went back to step in for relaxing and had another nice chat with the staff. Really recommend this place. Warm and welcoming.
~ Michelle and Michael - Denmark (18 Dec 2014)

Met a girl in sepilok who stayed here so i came been back 3 times since has everything you need looked after my bag who wish i went exploring. Have been recommending this place to everyone i meet. Thank you all
~ (14 Dec 2014)

After staying here 3 years ago (in 2011) i was glad to be back! The rooms and bathrooms are extremely well and breakfast is provided! The staff were (as i remembered) very friendly and eager to help with lots of information and suggestion. Thanks again for a lovely stay
~ Rebekkah- Australia(12 Dec 2014)

Liked staying here, coming back after the first tiome made me feel like coming back home from vacation, nice beds, nice showers, friendly staff and a nice communal area. Thank you!
~ Anniera-the Netherlands (06 Dec 2014)

Great place to stay, 1 night turned into 5nights. Very comfortable rooms in a brilliant location. The staff especially Ray where very helpful helped recommend things to do to fill our time before Mt. Kinabalu. Would recommend to others. Thanks!
~ Robyn, Becca and Kathryn-Manchester, UK (29 Nov 2014)

I have really enjoyed my stay at step in lodge. The staff have been very friendly and helpful and have catered to all our needs. They have made desired trips and cultural experiences possible for a budget price and have supported me where necessary . the hostel has been great and relaxed and the coffee is one in a million. Cheers to Ray who has been the perfect host.
~ Best wishes, drew & moll (20 Nov 2014)

I will love to be here is such a nice place, nice and clean rooms. The staff are so friendly and helpful when you need something.
~ Love from Michella Skou (10 Nov 2014)

From outside, this place maybe doesn’t look like match, but the atmosphere created by the staff is amazing long time for me, since i felt so welcomed and for all our stay they have over delivered all the way through such such good service and nice people.
~ Nicholas (10 Nov 2014)

Thanks, nice place, nice people. Goodbye
~ Louis (09 Nov 2014)

Stumbled across this place by chance!! Ray andthe staff were great and we stayed for 5 nights. Great,helpful with local advice,tours,taxi and fun to chat with understand more. Ask for the best local tom yam soup places-they know the best places.
~ Paul & Elina! (09 Nov 2014)

How a hostel can become like your home away from home. Every time i got back to step in lodge it was like coming back to a safe hober.
~ Lotte h. Jargnsen- Denmark (09 Nov 2014)

Last day at the amazing step in lodge! We have been here an and of for the last month. On our journey around sabah we have stayed a lot of nice places, but each time we got back to step in lodge it felt like home! Definitely one of the very best hostels.
~ Daniel moller Jespersen-denmark (07 Nov 2014)

Always enjoyed staying here, Ray is brilliant
~ Willc (07 Nov 2014)

Really enjoyed my stay here, especially the hot shower! Thanks for help make this trip so special!
~ Tom. W (07 Nov 2014)

Really friendly staff and comfortable beds and communal area. Thanks!
~ Mica(07 Nov 2014)

The staff here are amazing. Very helpful & talkative . The coffee is the best and having cold water to drink is a nice change from our other accommodations. The upkeep of the rooms and communal area is brilliant. Always tidy. Hot showers ! i don’t need to say anymore about that. Thank you so much for the brilliant hospitality. I really enjoyed my stay here.
~ Kesvi (07 Nov 2014)

Step In staff are brilliant always really friendly and helpful! This is my 3rd stay at step in ,and it’s always been really clean. One of the best hostels I’ve stayed in! Thank you!
~ Torie, UK (01 Aug 2014)

Double bed was truly a spectacular experience, much better than jungle hammocks. Thank you.
~ Anna(30 July 2014)

Loved it here, especially the beds (much better than hammocks)
~ From Grace, Grace, Ellie & Nicky (30 July 2014)

Loves Step In Lodge! It’s 10000X better than the jungle. Thanks for providing tiny bananas and very comfy beds!
~ Princethorpe College (30 July 2014)

A nice warm greeting good night sleep & a good breakfast just what was needed. Thank you!
~ Hannah (24 June 2014)

We had an amazing stay here at Step Inn Lodge. We stayed here 3 times at our stops in kk, we just couldn’t get enough. Great area to eat and relax in front of the television. Really sweet staff, who could answer any question, great breakfast included and the rooms ( and the fan) was fanstastic! Thank you so much Karen and friend!
~ King regards, Pelle & Ann-sofie from Denmark(19 June 2014)

Great Hostel ! Amazing communal area for pre-drinks. We love Bed! Such a good club go there. Thanks for letting us Step In!
~ (24 Apr 2014)

Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome here! I’ve loved staying!
~ Love,Tui.UK (23 Apr 2014)

We have toughly enjoyed our stay here. The staff are very helpful and loved having a lounge,very homely..
~ Karen & Andy. England ( Feb + March, 2014)

Thank you very much for helping us so much in our complicated situation (wallets with all our money and credit card were stolen in a restaurant). Because of you we didn’t starve in the evening when we didn’t have money to buy food, we could use the internet and the staff we always encouraging us and helping as must as possible.
~ Thank you all so much! FRANZ & RENATE( 25 Feb 2014)

Staying here felt like home. The common area is a nice place to meet great people all around the world! We really enjoyed it here,.
~ Pascal and Awelia . Germany (23 Feb 2014)

This was a really good stay (especially after the jungle!). I enjoyed the night market a lot and this was perfect for ending the trip ! thanks.
~ Robin van sallanatt, Holland.(Sept 2013)

Staying at Step In Lodge with Camp Borneo. This is our second stay and we’re really enjoyed it. Clean, comfortable, Awesome & friendly staff. Thank you &looking forward to staying again.
~ Jess .Atlanta ,USA (Sept 2013)

Liez Lighting & Teekatze3000. Enjoyed our stay here. Time for surfing now. Bali here we go! Happy Travels!.
~(16 Sept 2013)

Aloha from Hawaii ( USA ) – Great stuff going on here.
~ Mahalo Aknoi , Jordan (09 Sept 2013)

Jork from Germany was here with the three other guys.
~ (08 Sept 2013)

Matt from America was here ,dude!
~ (08 Sept 2013)

Paul from Canada Was here eh!
~ (08 Sept 2013)

Thank you so much! Very enjoy the time here.
~ Henry, Taiwan (08 Sept 2013)

2C is a wonderful room! So comfy and great to have fans as well as air-con! Thanks.
~ (07 Sept 2013)

Stayed here couple of days, happy to be here.
~(02 Sept 2013)

Lonely place to stay. Friendly staff and a coffee machine.
~(22 Aug 2013)

Thank you for having us ! Very welcoming and friendly staff. We have really enjoyed our stay here after a long four week expedition. Thanks a lot!
~ Johnny Neal. Expedition Leader_St Edward School. CAMP BORNEO 2013! (08 Aug 2013)

Thanks for a wonderful stay. Lovely breakfast brill.
~ Jay stevens UK. CAMP INTERNATIONAL EXPED. (05 Aug 2013)

We had a very nice stay here. The staff is very friendly , we are here like at home. Merci beaucoup!
~ Cynthia-Quebec, Canada (01 Aug 2013)

It was nice and cool, good job...
~ Ravenwood Borneo Trip (15 Jul 2013)

Enjoyable first night in Borneo! Thank you.
~ Ravens wood-school, England (15 Jul 2013)

Can’t think of anything to write , but basically good stay. Rice free breakfast was good, stay out of sun it British. Locate nearest MCD’s promptly . have fun. Thanks to Step in Lodge.
~ Molly, Scotland UK (14 Jul 2013)

Dear fellow explores, we’re been here on a school trip and the Lodge has been very accommodating of 16 mad teenagers. The location is great because there is good shopping and huge variety of eateries nearby. The breakfast is simple but good. Everything is really well maintained in terms of cleanliness ect. Which was just lovely after a 3 days of squatting in the jungle. Enjoy your travels dearest reader!
~ Miss Chan, on behalf of the Glasgow academy Scotland UK (14 Jul 2013)

Great stay!to my fellow gapers, when you’re reading this i’ll be having English good-noodle free starting with warm crusting bread. Have sun squatting. Thanks Step in Lodge for a pleasant stay!
~ Joe and Sam (08 Jul 2013)

Step in Lodge is a perfect place to stay if you wish to unwine and just relax. I have enjoyed my time here very much, the staff are friendly and help some.
~ (26 Jun 2013)

It was not so nice, somebody was in our room when we sleeping. Before we sleep for 45rm, much more better!
~ Ryan (23 Jun 2013)

Relaxed and comfortable. Friendly staff with clean rooms, highly recommended.
~ (20 Jun 2013)

came and we was loving life
~ Josh Harry (16 Jun 2013)

Lovely stay, thanks all.
~ Emily, UK (10 Jun 2013)

There is a boy in the morning serving us breakfast with good reception and service. Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast. Good boy good reception tq.
~ Paul P, UK (27 Apr 2013)

Thank you for your service!i love living here with the both receptionist.
~ (30 May 2013)

Thank you so much for your warm and kind hospitality. Clean, friendly, safe place to stay with great advice and recommendations.
~ Samantha, UK (28 May 2013)

Thank you so much for so many great night at the Step In! The perfect end to Raleigh Borneo.
~ Natalie, UK (26 May 2013)

Thank you so much for letting us leave our luggage while going on trip and for your hospitality.
~ (18 May 2013)

Stayed for 2 nights, very friendly and helpful staff and good location. Thank you
~ Laura & Andy, UK (09 May 2013)

Been staying on and off for 2 weeks. Feels like home. Comfy beds, hot shower. Good breakfast and smiling helpful staff. What can I say, one of the best hostels I have stayed in. Thanks for everything.
~ Alisha, UK (07 May 2013)

Wonderful homely place to stay with friendly, helpful staff thank you.
~ (07 May 2013)

There is a boy in the morning serving us breakfast with good reception and service. Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast. Good boy good reception tq.
~ Paul P, UK (27 Apr 2013)

Thank you so much for your hospitality it’s been a very enjoyable stay!
~ Rachel Bristol, England (27 Apr 2013)

Thank you so much for leaving here, you were so helpful.
~ Guy, Cambridge (27 Apr 2013)

Thank you very much for an amazing stay. Will recommend you to all our friends.
~ Salman, London (27 Apr 2013)

Spent a few hours at here brings me like at home. When I wake up this early morning at 4.00am, all the staff and breakfast is already set up on the table, what a great service from staff here. Nice to know Allan..Thank you for wonderful breakfast
~ Carocina Cuz, Protugal (26 Apr 2013)

So nice to be here, amazing hostel staff really friendly and nice.
~ Nicky (25 Apr 2013)

Returned here twice because of the nice atmosphere and the friendly staff. Would recommend Step in Lodge to everybody. Thanks for all the help and good advices Betty!
~ Ellen, Denmark (24 Apr 2013)

Returned to Step in once again, and once again toughly enjoyed it. All the staff are lovely, spent many time sharing stories with betty . highly recommended this hostel to our friends we will miss everyone. Hope to came back again someday in the future.
~ Chris/Ed, UK (19 Apr 2013)

Superb hostel, the staffs are wonderful! Thank you!
~ Sarah Howes, London (18 Apr 2013)

Spent here several days always very nice! Thank you for the warm hospitality, enjoyed the stay spent here.
~ (10 Apr 2013)

A nice stayed again, nice to come back. Friendly staff and warm environment. Thank you!
~ Tamara (09 Apr 2013)

We had a very nice stay here. Thank you all for great service and greetings to the girl.. Jumpa lagi!!
~ Koen and Amber, The Netherlands (09 Apr 2013)

We stayed here when we arrived to KK and again 2 weeks later after journey around. It was like country home! Betty is so sweet and wants to make where you are always happy.
~ (08 Apr 2013)

Betty is the best! Anytime you in need of a chat/information/directions, she is the go to lady. Anything at the Step in Lodge needed was taken care of by the friendly staff . any time i’m back will stay here.
~ Candace/jess, Australia/UK (05 Apr 2013)

Very nice staff, very helpful. Hope to come back again!
~ Morgan, France (02 Apr 2013)

Very happy to be in this hostel, was very well welcomed! Enjoyed the beautiful country of Borneo, enjoyed your culture and of course good! Thank you very much.
~ Leila Sayer (02 Mar 2013)

Our group stayed here twice for a school trip, and were greeted with warmth and friendliness. This is a lovely place, pure paradise after the jungle. Thank you
~ BIFS, Korea (30 Mar 2013)

Very welcomed into the Step in Lodge after a long and tiring journey back from Mantanani Island. Was greeted by a friendly face who remembered us from when we had booked and were lucky enough to be put in our own private dorm room. Nicest hostel we’ve stayed in kk so far, mostly because of friendly staff that are always willing to help or just have a chat. We’ve found this out after only one night’s stay here, unfortunately it is our only night. Would happily stay for more. Hopefully be back soon.
~ Craig, Dan, Edward, Christopher (30 Mar 2013)

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